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Social Skills: Balance Your Schedule of Activities

Dilemma: Summer is fun for kids and adults alike, and often a time for vacation and rest.  It is also hot and there is plenty of unstructured time which can lead to concerning behaviors. 

Everyday Solutions(s): Have at least some sort of structure to each day.  Rest or down time is important and you need not structure all times of each day.  The goal is to have a framework but also work with kids on learning to entertain themselves.  Sometimes having a list of possible activities to choose from during free time can avoid boredom or reports of “nothing to do.” 

Sōsh Approach: Use the Sōsh mobile app Interest Log.  It is important to NOT spend too much time on any one activity (especially if that activity is done alone). The Interest Log provides you with a template to track your interests and the amount of time you engage in your interests (e.g., INTEREST: Play Video Games; TIME: 4 Hours). The more varied your interests, the more likely you will connect with a variety of people and make new friends.Too much of anything is never a good thing!

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